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I am using SQL Server as my backend with MS Access 2007 Frontend. When I open the tables linked by ODBC to the SQL BE, I can edit data, without anyproblems.
I have created a form for my users to also edit the same tables and records from the SQL backend. However, if I update a record or try to create a new record. The database hangs and then when I close the form, I get the message that the database can not save the record at this time.
When I then investigate the table, 50% of the time the changes are made 50% of the time they are not made to the records.
I have read other strings on this site and they all point to having a PK and timestamp field in the tables of the SQL BE which I have?
Has anyone else come accross this type of error? IS their something I am missing between using the table and using the form?
Thanks in advance hbcaccess.
Do you have any bit fields on the table that is linked to the form?
Actually No.
hould I?
I have found the answer, actually the problem was not with the SQL connection at all. The problem was with the form. I created an update event on the form that was hanging up the form and causing strange behaviors. After eliminating this connection, everything worked fine.
Oshould have checked this first....
Sorry, but thanks for those that tried to help.
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