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Sir I want to show limited records in combo box but at the same time want to add (All) word on top.
It can be done using Union Query
But What I want is that a combo box opens with default set of records assigned by a query but when I select "All" values of combo box should show all records.
It will be great if any one can attach a file showing this demo.
What is your combo box populated from? Is there another combo box that the user selects and then the other combo box is filtered and in the case they select all then you want all records displayed in the second combo box?
No i want to use only one colmo box.
For example
It should show initially all names that start with letter a
but when I select "All" that same combobox should show all Names
In My example
I want to use this combo box in sales form
The combo box show list of all products sorted.
In general this combo box show only those items which were previously sold to the selected customer.
But there can be a chance that this time new item is sold to same customer
In this case combo box will not show that item
For that I want to click "ALL" and result of that click that combo box should show all items and then I will select required item from list.
So, you want to do all this in the same combo box? So, say if all the names are showing and the user clicks on "John Smith" what would you want to have happen? I guess, I'm not understanding the logic of doing it this way. It sounds like you're trying to do a type of cascading combo box with logic to it, so I would recommend using a primary combo box/list box and then driving that second combo box off of it.
Sorry if you got me wrong
You are right there are two combo boxes
One for Customers
second one for items
What I want to do is for items combo
waiting for help
Just got into work. Give me about 15 minutes and I'll upload you a sample of how to do it.
I'm uploading a sample database. I included 2 forrms. One with the way that you want to do it and one with the say that I would recommend you do it.
Thanks for replying. I am looking into it and will let you know.
thanks for help. Sir I am really unable to get how recommended form solve my problem.
nfact both didnot solved my problem
I want All Word in other Combo not in customers one. And when I click All Item list of same combo where All word is
should change
What I gave you was a sample of cascading list boxes. I didn't set it up for your specific database, it's an example to get you started, so you can see how to set it up and add your own changes to it.
nce again, I really would advise against using the "All" because this is going to be a value that you're going to have to add to your table that you're using to populate your combo box. If you want to allow the users to select all then the example I gave you where it will include all if the the combo box is empty is the way to go or you could even do a list box for mutliple choices vice the combo box.
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