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Hey Grover Park George!
Could you post Figure 8-29? The version in your book would be helpful for me, but I can't make it out for its size and blurriness. >< I'd go looking for the features in my Other Controls, but while I know that this translates to Autres Contrôle, I haven't a clue what Combo Box would become (although my guess is Modifiable).
Sorry to be a pain,
Hello, I wouldn't have seen this question except a friend told me about it. My email address is in the book and I am happy to respond to questions from readers.

That image shows the Custom Form Design Toolbox Toolbar I created for the book. It shows the basic toolbox icons with labels.

You can see the built-in toolbox toolbar in any of your own Access databases. Open a form in design view. By default the toolbox toolbar is displayed.

It will be similar to this one, except of course, there are no labels on the built-in toolbar.

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