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Hey guys, im coming to you again cause you're all so clever about this stuff. Well, on to my question/problem. I have a mailing list of about 12,000 names/address and sent postcards to all these customers. I now received back around 1000 postcards. What i want to do is with a command button: have the specific name/address cut and pasted to another table.

the mailing list table is not normalized it's just a straight table with name/address/city imported from excel.

The reason why i want to do this is because i want to keep a track of all the deletions and know if the right postcard was deleted.

Thanks for any advice that you guys can offer.
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Rather then transfer the data to another table, why can't you just add a Deleted flag to the record?
It's because i want to remove them from the mailing list. But i do follow your idea. When you say "Deleted Flag" do you mean you just add a "Delete" to the record?
You would add a new field to the table used to denote that a record has been deleted. Think of it as a status or active field. By default make all records and news active/not-deleted. When the user want to delete the record update the value of this field. Now the fun part...
You will need to update all of your queries that reference this table to not return any record that has been marked as 'deleted'.
On to another question, on my form where the employess are "deleting" these records. Do i just add a filter to not show records that equal "deleted".
Yes, in the query that populates the form add a filter/critera:
Deleted <> "Y"
On this case the new field that was added to the table is called: 'Delete' data type: Text size: 1
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