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I have this form/subform... when I go to add a second record the first one changes to match. The control is bound to an underlying table, tblMaterials. The rest of the form comes from a junction table. What would make ALL records be the same, no matter which one you change?
That is typical behavior of a form with unbound controls. Have you checked the bindings of each control on the form and subform?
If the combo box is bound, it doesn't let me select anything from the list. The other controls are not bound.
That sounds as if the Allow Edits property of the form is set to No.
Yes, it was. But, now that I have changed that to Yes, It won't allow me to edit because this control is bound to another table and not the one that the rest of the form is bound to. How am I supposed to have one control from one table and all other controls from another table? I've never had so much trouble... I thought that if you used the wizard that it was supposed to be idiot proof. Select which fields you want from whatever tables and go with it. Would it work better if this subform was based on a query?
Generally that is not done unless the tables have a relationship based on a common field. That is the problem, then, that the form recordset is based on data from more than one table. What you need to do is review the rules for updatable recordsets in the Access help files. There is a whole set of rules that Access follows that are not under your control at all.

The Wizards as far as they go are idiot-proof, they are just not developer-proof. laugh.gif

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