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the attached database shows a form with a listbox
in the listbox are addresses

I would like to select an address in the listbox and move it up or down using command buttons below the llistbox

the goal is to set the route order as desired - then print a route in the order that was set.

also - I want to save the last order set using the above process

in the sample there is a table with addresses - and a form with a listbox and 2 buttons

can this be done?

Thanks! - AB
Jack Cowley
Take a look at the attached and see if something like this might work for you. The last saved records in the right list box is saved but will be lost when you move everything back and start again...

There may be exactly what you are looking for somewhere, but I have not seen it....

My 3 cents worth...

I've modified your example db for you (attached) which should do what you want. It's rough 'n' ready but will hopefully give you a few ideas.......
Sir Jack of The Bay-
Hope lifes a little easier for you now the fires have subsided.......
Jack Cowley
Sir Alan -
OO CLEVER BY HALF!!! Well done and considering the hour and the number of empty John Smith's tins surrounding your chair the demo is marvelous!!! You are an amazing programmer and I give new meaning to the word 'lazy'. I can assure you that your demo will go into my archives....probably never to be seen again...
And speaking of never being seen again, would you be willing to post your demo in the Archives for review so it can be posted for ne're-do-wells such as myself?
The good news is that the air finally cleared up two days ago and I saw blue skies for the first time in 2 weeks. Not sure that all the fires are out, but the worst ones are are almost contained. Thank you for asking!!
Ohear that the weather up Buxton way is miserable and since I can't recall what part of the UK you call home I am not sure if you are experiencing the less than perfect weather or not... I hope only blue skies....
Thanks Guys! - between the two it will work perfectly!!!
Jack Cowley
That Alan is one clever fellow! I am glad he popped in and gave you exactly what you wanted!!! Continued success with your database...
Hi Jack
lt;<probably never to be seen again>>
Osuspect that's where most of my demos end up laugh.gif
Sheesh - you almost had me blushing and I thought I didn't have a blush left in me!!! Sadly, you know me too well though and are correct that there's several empty cans of John Smiths around me as we speak.......and if I forget to throw them in the bin again (as I did last night) before going to bed apparently I'm dead. She loves me really wink.gif
I'll happily post a demo in the new Review forum but I think I'll need to beef it up a little beforehand as the demo for AB is a bit like me - rough 'n' ready.
Glad to hear that you're seeing blue skies again after the recent fires. We still haven't really seen summer yet in the South West, the odd couple of days here and there then back to rain and grey skies. In fact, spookily enough, as I type this the weather forecast is on TV right now and guess what - more rain and persistant too for the next few days. Think it's time to book a flight south for a couple of weeks!!!
Jack Cowley
Mr. G -
You have plenty of blushes left in you blush.gif. And your bride is not about to send you packing as she knows where the power lies... and so do you and I.... Mrs. G!! notworthy.gif
Beef up your demo and please post it as it is very clever and I am not sure if there is anything like it in the archives. You and Charles V will go down in history...
Oknow what has made the Brits so tough and that is that you have learned to live without sunshine.... Book that flight to Spain or Portugal and reclaim your sanity... Don't forget to book for two as 'The Power' needs her respite as well...
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