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I have an option group that changes the rowsource of a listbox.
I'm hoping there is an easier more effective way of coding this, the way I have it now seems to slow my form down when it's opened / saved.
Thanks for your help.
ps. please see attachment.
Hello Jerry,
think I might use a UNION query as the Row Source of a Combo Box and reference the Combo Box in the Criteria Line of the Movie Rating ID the attached Demo may help ??? Look at both the Row Source of the Combo as well as the Row Source of the List Box
It's hard to tell without seeing the queries. I don't know if it might be faster to have one query and have each option be a value for a variable that you plug into the query.
im optionstring as string
Select case OptionGroup
Case 1
Optionstring = "PG"
Case 2
Optionstring = "PG-13"
end select
listbox.rowsource = "Select (Selected fields) from table where movierating = " & optionstring
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