Full Version: Create a link to a file from a query field...Tough one!
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I have a query with files listed in one of the columns. The files are in the same folder as the database. The file names in the query are in the form 123.wma.
My question:
Can I create a form that will pull those records from the query and link them to the files in the folder (creating a clickable link in the form)?
I was able to add a new column and put some link information in the query, so now I have a query with the full file path in the last column...How can I make this a clickable link in a form?
you don't really need to statically add the full path if the files are in the same directory as the database is...in your form you can bind a control to the query field that holds the file names and use its click event to execute the file with the followhyperlink, shell, or shellexecute methods e.g.:
pplication.FollowHyperlink CurrentProject.Path & "\" & Me.YourControl
YourControl would be the name of the control that is bound to your query field holding the file name value.
Good luck
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