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I like to change the look of my switchboard.
Like to take out the word Microsoft Access after the MS Access Key icon and enter the name of my Database
- Like to remove the Standard and Formatting toolbars on the top of the screen
- Would like to put the name of my company some where in the middle of the switchboard
Thanks for your help.
Open the Switchboard in Design View.
On the format tab, you can set the Caption property to what you want to show in the title bar of the form.
Create a text box to hole the name of your company anywhere on the form.
To remove the toolbars, put the following code on the OpenEvent of the switchboard:
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Print Preview", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form View", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form Design", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Web", acToolbarNo

I am kind of new at this....How do I get to the OpenEvent of the switchboard. Thanks
In the design, get the properties up.
lick in the top left corner so there is a black square in this corner (this means you have the forms property now)
The third tab is marked event.
There are all your properties.
So the OnOpen event is here and also the on current event Will talks about.
When you click in a control on a form, you will see the properties change, as properies for controls are not the same as a form - on open and on current are two examples that are only form and not control specific.
thank you. It worked!
ow, I like to remove the following options from the tool bar:
- View
- Format
Thanks in advance for your help.
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