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I have a table that contains a row for each zip code. There are some fields associated with each zip code (such as agent with that territory, region ID, etc.) I'm trying to come up with an easy way for somebody doing data-entry to change fields associated with zipcodes (such as agent name, region ID, etc.) either by 5-digit zip or by 3-digit SCF. Is making a form to do this possible, I'm assuming yes, and what would be the best way to design the form? Modifying data for a single zip seems to be trivial, but we usually change territories by 3-digit SCF and not individual zip codes. Can I do a 3 character left-function on the zip code field to select all zips in a SCF and then modify other fields in each of those rows?
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From your description (<<There are some fields associated with each zip code>>) I'm guessing that you may well have a structure problem ?
You should have a table for Zip codes with, as you say, one row for each code. You then have a seperate table for agents and another table to link zip codes to agents, assuming one agent can have many areas (zip codes) and one zip code can have many agents ?
Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, I'm pretty much just guessing your current structure. Maybe you could post your table structure so we can take a look for you.........
You are correct. The systems here were put in place by people more concerned with functionality than good design. I've been brought in to automate a lot of repetitive tasks and am trying to do what I can about correcting structure issues along the way. So assuming I change the structure from a single table with zip, agent info, etc. to separate tables, one with geography info. such as zips, cities, states, etc., and the other with agent specific information could I use a form to update the associations between zips and agents?
Yes, you always use forms to input/edit data. You should never let users have direct access (no pun intended!!) to tables.............
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