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I've done this before but now I don't remember how I did it. It shouldn't be that difficult. I tried to search it here but probably I didn't put in right keywords as I had no luck come up with answers.
Let's say I have a form called "Employee". There are an "EmployeeName" combo box and other controls such as "PhoneNumber" & "Email"... I set the LimitToList = No for "EmployeeName".
THere is how I want the form to react when a user click on "EmployeeName" combo box:
1. If the user selects a name from the list, the rest of the form will show the related information regarding to this employee.
2. If the user enters a new employee name in the combo box, the rest of the form should be blank waiting for him to input the data.
Ogot the first part to work, but couldn't remeber how to do the second part.
Can anyone give me a hand?
Thanks so much!
You need to do a form and a sub-form and set the form relationships on your table relationship, then all related records in your sub-form will be displayed.
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