Full Version: Changing data source for a form
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I have a form which shows data from a table. I want a another form that shows the same info but only for certain records in that table. I know I can get the records by using a query but if I make a copy of the form is there a quick way to update all the form data to use the new query instead of the old table.?
In Design View, go to the Data tab on the Form Properties and change the RecordSource to the Query.
Are both form's going to be open at the same time? Could use just filter the data on the main form rather then create a separate object?
thanks merlicky I'll try that
dashiallx2000 how do I filter data on a form?
Create some controls in the form header for Options to filter, then just build the filter as a Where clause with out the Where. Then turn the form's filter on.
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