Full Version: Auto populate a field in a form based on result of another field
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Hi there,
orry, I don't know code so my question is just a basic Access question.
I have a form that I have created to enter data. One of the fields is Customer Name and the other is Customer Numbers (there can be multiple customer numbers per customer name). I have created a list box for the customer numbers and was hoping to automatically populate that list box based on the customer name that my users type in. I have been working on it for quite a while and I think I am close but must be missing something because it's pulling all customer numbers into the list box and not just the ones for the specified customer.
I have a hunch that I also need to do something with the "after update" but I don't know how :(
Thank you!
Hi Charlie,
heck out the examples in Utter Angel... two samples for cascading combo boxes that can be modified to list boxes:
- Cascading Combo Boxes Database
- Cascading Combo Boxes Using 2 Tables
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