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I am using Access 2007.
I have a Columular form with a tab control in it with more than one tab. The main table for the form has many fields, so to help with screen real estate I put some of the fields from the main table in the top area of the form and some in a certain page on the tab control.
I would have guessed these fields in the tab page would be considered part of the tab page, but I have discovered they are not. It appears they are still considered (by Access) as part of the main form; just superimposed on top of the page of the tab control.
How do I make these fields be actually a part of that tab page and not just superimposed? Do I need to create a seperate form with these fields in it and place that form in a subform on that tab? Or is there some other way?
When you add controls to a Tab control you should see that the background color of the tab changes when you move the mouse over it. If you do not see it change then the control will added only to the form not the tab page. My guess is that the controls where there first and then the tab control was added on top of them.
o move the control from the form onto a tab page:
Move the tab control out of the way on the form so you can see the controls behind it.
Select all of the controls that need to be moved.
Press Ctrl-X to copy them to the clip board and remove them from the form.
Select the tab control and move back where it belongs.
Click on the tab page to place them.
Press Ctrl-P to paste them on the tab page.
That should be all you need to do. Now there is one possible problem. If there are any code/macro events on the controls that you moved to the tabl page you will have to re-connect them. If it is code simple select '[Event Procedure]' for the control event and then go into that code. The code will still be there.
Thank you. That explained a lot. Very helpful.
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