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Hi All,
I am a complete newbie when it comes to Access 2007 and I am trying to do something which in my mind should be simple to do, but I cannot get it right.
HAs a test, I created a table with just one field called "surname", which is also the primary key of course.
Now I created a form with this one field, which displays as a hyperlink "On Screen Only" and I want to do the following:
When I click on this field, I want a list of all the "surnames" to pop up in a simple window which will allow me to select a surname by double-clicking on it and returns it to the form.
What is the easiest way to do this with the minimal coding? If a lot of coding is needed, then so be it.
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The "surname" should NOT be the primary key.
A common way to do this is to add a combo box tot he form's header using the combo box wizard to create a "Find record" control.
Thanks for the reply!
Yes, of course surname should not be a primray key. As I said, this is just a test, a very, very simple one.
Otried the combo-box and it works fine, but I still need to do the pop-up as I will use it in the "real" project I am involved with.
Can it be done the way I want to?
When testing (learning), you still should use a properly design Access table or it could be very difficult to learn how to do most things. What is event better it to use a copy of the actually table design you will be working with.
earching in Access ...
I do lots of search forms. It it possible to do basically what you want. I am not sure using a "hyperlink" will be the best method.
THere at Utter Access there is a great Access Code Archive forum that I would highly recommend that you take time to look through.
For example:
Contacts -- Names, Addresses, Phones, eMail, Websites, Notes
This is an excellent example of Access database design . There is a "find" command button that does a search. This could be exactly what you want.
Also see:
Sample Search Form
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