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o I am trying to make a guide to boston for one of my classes. One feature of this guide is the ability to filter the information it provides based on a combo box as part of my form. My issue with the combo box is that being I have over 100 restaraunt listings in the combo box it has over 100 choices of the same entry "restaraunt" to choose from. Right now I have multiple items in this "Category" field in which restaraunt is only one. Is there any way to make the combo box only show one option if it sees a similar entry, hence being I have 7 diffenert types of categories I would like to see 7 options to filter on.
Please let me know if that doesnt make sense.
Doug Steele
Welcome to Utter Access.
Create a query that has its Distinct Value property set to True. (The SQL of the query will be something like SELECT DISTINCT Field1 FROM Table1 ORDER BY Field1). Use that query as the RowSource for the combo box.
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