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I have a form that has a grid on it. I would like one of the fields to be dimmed or grey. I can change the forcolore property to grey and it make the field font look grey in design mode or layout mode, but when switching to datasheet view it still comes up black.
Is there a method to get around this?
Have you looked into Conditional Formatting?
Right click on the field in design view and select Conditional formatting.
By the way, change your "datasheet" view to continous forms and it will work.
However, without using Conditional formatting, EVERY row for that column will have the same formatting, but that may be what you want.
Thank you. COnditionaly formatting seems to work for me. I just told it to make any value over 0 look grey for a particular column.
o you know if there is a way to change the color of the heading for a particular column in a grid? I'm just wondering what all my options are.
Thank you again.
I don't use data sheets, I use continuous forms. Yes you can change the column heading color for the continuous (or single) forms.
They are just labels:
blYourColumn.forcolor = vbred
lblYourColumn.BackColor = vbWhite
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