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Dear Access Gurus
I have created a test form to view fields from a table. All controls are bound apart from one combo box where the user selects which record they wish to view. This all works fine.
When the form first opens, the combo is blank but the bound controls display the data from the first Row Source record, which could be a little confusing for some people.
Is it possible to either populate the combo, or clear the bound controls at the form's On Open event? The only thing I could think of was to leave all the controls unbound and set each one's Control Source when opening, but there will eventually be a lot of fields.
Is there a better way?
(I'm familiar with VBA in Excel but a complete newbie in Access - I thought it was about time I learnt something new!)
It is easier to use the Form_Current Event to assign the appropriate value to the ComboBox so that it displays the row corresponding to your current record.
heck Access VBA Help on the Current Event of a Form...
Thanks very much, Van, I'll check that out!
Yes that worked perfectly.
Thanks again
You're welcome... Glad to help...
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