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Hello! I have a question that I'm sure has an easy but not quite obvious solution.
I have a form that is for one table, and I am adding controls to this form that need to put data into a different table. However, this second table I mention is not available for me to select controls from. How do I do this?
I will be happy to elaborate if necessary.
I see. Shucks, I was hoping to not have to deal with those, I had a trouble with sub-forms in a database that I used as a client.
Thanks MattJ.
Sub-forms are the life-blood of a true relational database - it's one of the most common ways to enter related data into separate detail tables.
Without using them (and ever som importantly, learning to use them correctly!) you'll be missing out of some of the most usefull functionality built into the product.
There are many, many, web-sites, tutorials, and demo databases available (and yes, even here at UA if you have the inclination to look) that will teach you what there is to know.
I suppose I have reached the point in this particular development where it's time for me to learn how to use sub-forms. Thanks for the heads up, I'll see what I can find.
If your tables are designed correctly with appropriate Primary and foreign key relationships...adding a subform to a parent for and using it is very staight forward. I typically design the subform, then I design the parent form and where I want, I add the subform by using an exisitng form..the wizard automatically selects the logical link between the forms and you click through, taking the deafults usually, and voila, you have a functional subform/form setup...
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