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I have built a database to track my time on different projects. I currently administer it via a cascade of linked forms and subforms, as follows:
ain Form (frmProjects) (single form view)
- with a subform (sbfrmStageList) (continuous form view) showing stages of the current project
- a button for each stage in the subform opens a secondary form
Secondary form (sbfrmStages) (single form view)
- with a subform (sbfrmTaskList) (continuous form view) showing tasks for the current stage
- a button for each task opens a tertiary form
Tertiary form (sbfrmTasks) (single form view)
- with a subform (sbfrmTimeEntry) (datasheet view) showing dates and hours worked on the current task
I have created a calculated control in the footer section of sbfrmTimeEntry, which totals the hours worked on the current task but does not display it in the datasheet view. I have then pointed another control (in sbfrmTasks) to this calculated control, so it displays the total as a headline figure for each task.
What I want to do now, but can’t figure out how, is to:
- display the same calculated value in sbfrmTaskList
- calculate the total hours worked for each stage and display it in sbfrmStageList
Can anyone advise?
Welcome to Utter Access.
I'm sorry your post was not answered sooner.
Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time visualizing this process abstractly, but it might be possible to offer some suggestions if you can post up a copy of your db (with sensitive data removed leaving only enough sample data to illustrate how it works).
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