Full Version: Can combo boxes autofill after performing a search in A2003?
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My first post after reading a lot of posts in this forum. Hopefully I don't sound too dumb from a newbie....I'll try to make it as short as possible but as detailed as I can without confusing myself.

What I have is a form that you enter service data. The form has various combo boxes to make data entry faster and consistent. In the form I have a button that will popup a search form. In the search form I have a combo box to select a category to search and then a text box where you enter the specific data. I tried to make it work for a couple days and finally found a thread on another forum that basically stated that the combo boxes can't be auto filled into the form with the search results because of the combo boxes. I just wanted to confirm that because the search form works on another form without any combo boxes.

Hope this makes sense!!

Thanks in advance!!
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I finally figured out the as the search form to be the culprit I must have messed it up some how because I deleted it and created a new one with the same search form template and it works now. My only issue now is... How can I make the combo box enter the actual data into the table once it's selected and saved. At the moment it's entering the ID from the table that holds the listings for the combo box. So when I perform the search it doesn't find anything since the table I'm searching only holds the ID in the field. Any ideas on how to make it cross reference to the proper table and then show me the results?
Thanks for any help.
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