Full Version: Can't copy and paste in some memo textboxes in forms
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I have created a number of forms and subforms in a database I am working on, however, in some of the forms I can't copy and paste data from one memo textbox to another, and in some I can. I can't see any difference in the properties of the control. What could be causing this and how do I fix it?
Rose Mary
Jerry Dennison
Why would you want to copy information you already have?
There are many reasons why Access is preventing this. The most probable reason is the underlying recordset is not updatable.
What exactly are you trying to do?
I have a record for a husband and wife. I entered the results of the wife's conversation in the husbands form, therefore, I want to cut and paste the data from the husband's record to the wife's record without having to retype it. I do this all the time and some of my memo fields only allow me to type and not to copy and paste.
ose Mary
Jerry Dennison
I have never witnessed this behavior. Can you attach your DB (remove any sensitive data) with enough to illustrate the problem?
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