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Is there a way to password protect a control box on my form? I have three areas where groups have to sign off, but I don't want just anyone signing off.
You can use the "OnEnter" property of any control to do this . . .
suggest creating a custom form to popup when such a control is entered instead of an inputbox. (An inputbox cannot format the password entry control to all asterisks.)
Here's a link that may help . . .
Add Password Security to a Microsoft Access Command Button
The above is a very simple approach to enabling only a user who has the password to access what is behind a command button.
If a user knows how to bypass the hidden database window then this will require much more work You will need to set start-up options, hide toolbars and disable the shift bypass key.
hope this helps
Is there a way to accomplish this without creating a different form for each group? We would like to contain everything into one form.
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