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I have a database of artists, and I want to be able to put a link from each artists record in the database to a folder on the network containing their imformation and images. I know I can create each link mannually to navigate to the appropriate folder, eg:
\Rsasvr01\rsa shared\Artist Hub\_2009 New Contemporaries\Adel-Bureos, Ivonne,
\\Rsasvr01\rsa shared\Artist Hub\_2009 New Contemporaries\Buchan, Darren,
but I've been trying to create an expression within the hyperlink so that each link is automatically generated for the name on the record. I thought it might look something like this:
\\Rsasvr01\rsa shared\Artist Hub\_2009 New Contemporaries\[Surname], [Forename]
and have tried various permeatations of quotation marks and operators, but none of my attempts seem to work. It may be that this is just not possible and I am making it up as I go along, but it would save me a whole load of time if I could find a way to make it work.
Any thoughts?
Greetings. I think you can fool Access simply by coloring the text blue and underlining it - Access will think it's a (hyper) link.
Hope this helps.
Hi, identifying the text as a hyperlink is not a problem, it's just structuring the expression so that I don't have to type in every surname and forename. My latest attempt was
"#\\Rsasvr01\rsa shared\Artist Hub\_2009 New Contemporaries\"&[Surname]&", "&[Forename]&"#"
but it appears in the field as the following hyperlink
\\Rsasvr01\rsa shared\Artist Hub\_2009 New Contemporaries\[Surname][Forename]
but doesn't add the surname and forename from the data source. I'm sure it's because of commas or quotation marks in the wrong place but i've tried so many permeatations that I can't make sense of it any more.
Actually, I've just tried again and the expression above does work. I must have made a typo the first time I tried it.
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