Full Version: Update main form combobox after subform delete
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I have a main form with a combobox that acts as a filter on data in a table. When the user selects an item in the combobox a number of rows are typically returned and displayed in a subform. The user can delete the rows in the subform.
When the user has deleted all of the rows in the subform, then I need to update the combobox on the main form because these items no longer exist.
Would I use the Form_Delete on the subform? I guess I would need to do a DCount to see if there are any rows left in the table for this particular filtered item. If DCount = 0 then I would update the Parent form combobox.
Is this the best or right way to handle this or is there a better way?
if your combobox dtsource is query related to subform recordset (table) u can do requery the combo after editing/deleting record in the subform.
Yes, of course.
wo lines of code which includes one line to blank out the combobox value on the main form did the trick.
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