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I have an Excel spreadsheet that, when a user enters a date and crew ID, the spreadsheet populates 6 other cells with information dependent on the date and crew ID filled in.The cells are calculated using various Excel functions including lookup tables.
My question is, is it possible to have a form in Access with controls that link to the spreadsheet so that when the user enters a date and crew ID in Access the date etc. is exported to Excel,the calculations worked out,and the worked out calculations inported back into Access via controls on the same form?
You can have your spreadsheet as a linked table in Access and build forms based on that table. I guess my main question is why would you want to go back and forth between the two applications as you describe? Why not just use one application? Of course, I am partial to Access, but I think Access can probably handle everything you want to do. Just as a note, in Access, you generally do not store calculated results, you would calculate the results on the fly in your form controls or with queries.
The reason I needed to go back and forth between Excel And Access is because I am using Excel as a "Calculator",mainly because my Acess skills dont allow me to do what I need to achieve,whereas I can get the desired result in Excel.
Since posting the above I have manged to come up with a work around that achives the result I wanted.
Glad you got it worked out; good luck on your project
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