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I am sure is elementary stuff, I'm just not past "elementary" yet... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a form built on a table ( for example, just say TblCustomers), with a subform from a query which includes that table and an associated table (ex. TblCustomers and TblOrders, where CustomerID links the child/parent fields)
Everything in the subform functions correctly when allow additions is set to no
I want to allow additions, however, and when I set the property to yes, all of my results disappear from the subform.
If I change the property back, everything is back to normal, just not able to add records.
I'd really prefer to allow additions there than via some other method.
Second question
When looking through the Northwind database, it appears as though this is possible... but I can't figure out how to do it
I am sure my lingo here is all messed up and redundant, but here goes.
I am trying to have 2 columns in a combo-box whose control source is from a table. If I edit the row source to select the 2 columns, set column count to 2, and have the correct bound column... still only the original column (and the column that actually appears in the table which is the source of the form) appears. I've tried changing the table to have the 2 columns, also, but it hasn't worked, either.
Form from TblOrderDetails, and I want the combo box that selects ProductID to also show a column with the ProductDescription, but only store ProductID. I can only get the ProductID to show up.
I believe that setting the properties of your form to allow additions,
tells Access that you want to open this form to a new record each time.
Try setting your form properties to allow edits and see if that does what you want.
Regarding second question:

I did you change the Column Widths, so there are two column widths? Example:

1"; 1";
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RE: Second Question

Thanks!! I thought it would be easy!!!
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I lost my original reply to this message... here goes again...
e: 1st question
Ooriginally meant the "data entry" option was set to "yes" instead of "allow additions"
but even with "data entry" set to "no" and "allow additions" set to yes, it won't allow me to add a new record.
is this because it is based off a query, instead of a table???
what type of query are you using?
a query with DISTINCT is not editable.
Can you add records when the query is opened in the Query Design GUI?
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