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I have a frame on a dialog form that contains two option buttons with labels of Yes and No. This is unbound.
think I have it set up correctly but when the form is run and I click on either yes or no, no radio is put in the radio button. Anyone know why this might be?
What does your code look like for the option group?
Thank you for responding.
That code are you referring to? I wasn't aware that you had to have code to select one item or another. I can click on Yes or No and the box around the lables gets selected, but no green thing in put in the radio itself.
The only code I have is in the load event for the form
Me.FrameLetters.Value = False
For reasons I have not yet identified, I have discovered that the problem is form specific.
tried the same thing on a new form and things worked fine.
Thank you for your interest.
2 possiblities:
. Have you checked the Enabled and Locked Poperty of the OptionFrame and each RadioButton?
2. Is it possible that the 2 RadioButtons are independent from the OptionFrame... and they are "behind" the OptionFrame (lower in the Z-order) and hence you can see them but you cannot click them?
Anyway, you can delete the OptionFrame and RadioButtons and re-create them as per your latest test if everything else fails...
Van, thanks for jumping in, I've been out since Friday and just now had a chance to get on UA.
Not sure, unless as Van said, the radios are behind the option frame and not in it. In other words, if you created an option frame originally, deleted the radios and then readded?? Sometimes as well, as you have experienced, the form itself can get corrupt. You could try a compact and repair under the Tools menu or create a new form and add the elements you need again.
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