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Hi. I am basically trying to make a Customer table, I am having a problem in so far as that when i click select customer (all the data shows as it should) I click on the customer data but then the data attached to this does not load in the Detail Section, where I have boxes for Name, Surname etc and they seem to be linked to the correct things. I have another version which I cannot use and it works prefectly and I have no idea why this wont work. Ideas?
Hopefully the attached example will offer one method of doing what you want.
pen the form in design view for full information of this technique
Yea that will make that field the same as the on above, basically my problem is that , compared to the one we did in class (which we cant use for this and would be a huge pain converting) is that I cannot see any difference between it and my version. Basically when I select someone from Member ID i want it to show all of the information pertainting to that person in the other text boxes, eg Title etc.
And it is just not working
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