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Hi All,
want to add a button to a Tab page on a form that adds today's date into a text box when clicked.
What is the syntax to address the text box on a page? I've not done this before and my guesses aren't working!
The Form is Production Orders
The Page is Shipping
The Text Box is txbDateCompleted
(I know some of these are not 'good' names, but it was back before I was 'trained' in naming conventions!)
I'm presuming the code will be something like:
Private Sub cmdMarkCompleted_Click()
[Forms]![Page]![Shipping]!txbDateCompleted = Now()
End Sub
FOr something??
Thanks Folks
Hi Graham
That you need is on the OnClick Event of the buitton something like this
Me.txbDateCompleted = Date()
Hope this helps?
Thanks Mike, I knew it would be something easy like that!
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