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I haven't checked the forums lately, so sorry if this is currently part of another post. I have been using my home made business application without issue until recently when Office SP3 caused my combo box not to display a field correctly. As I use this for my business, I chose not to install this service pack, and all was fine. Now I guess a windows update is causing the same chaos regarding the first field not showing in combo boxes. Any ideas please.. I can describe in more detail if this is a new issue, but you may already be aware of this crazy.gif
Can you post part of your db so that I or another can check it on a different comp?
Yes can do, but we have narrowed it down to PCs with recent updates. If we role back the problematic workstations to about 24th August all is fine again. This is quite a big application, so posting is not very practical, and probably won't help much. This is happening on 3 pcs [all xp pro] and sharing data file from a server. If we role back, it resolves, so it's obviously an update that previously was part of office SP3. I had hoped that others had already raised this, but perhaps not
I am out of the office until later, but please keep posting ideas, I'll catch up later Cheers
Larry Larsen
Bugs introduced by SP3 for Office 2003
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