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I have a form that displays records as a Continuous Form with a button on each row.
When putting the mouse over the button, a tooltip displays information via some DlookUp for that row.
The problem is, the tooltip will display information ONLY for the row that is selected, regardless which row you put your mouse over. This only works correctly for me if I manually select a row and THEN put my mouse over it.
How can I get the row to be selected without having to click on it? (What code goes in Mouse Over event?)
That is a hard one (for me, anyway)! You see, even though you can visibly see multiple buttons on the screen, to Access, there is only one - and it's the one where the current record pointer is (the selected record).
It would be interesting to see what kinds of responses you're going to get on this one. I just wanted to bookmark your question, so I can learn from it.
Good luck...
Hi Zvi
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Thanks guys. Hope the responses will help others as well as myself.
As you've discovered, using the tooltip text isn't really the best way to display record-specific data in a continuous form. As the DBGuy said, Access needs to be told which record you're referring to. That's partly why the Record Selector property exists for continuous forms -- so you can see which record is the current one.

I would recommend placing a small, clickable control in your continuous form's detail section (or add an On Click event to an existing control). Then, if the user wants to see the DLookup data, they click on the control, which performs the DLookup (on the record indicated by which record was clicked on), and displays the text in a small popup form that has a timer event that closes itself after ten seconds automatically. It'll closely emulate the pop-up functionality, and let you specify which record you want data for.

Sorry, but you simply have to click on a record to let Access know which record you are looking at. Can you explain why you specifically requested a solution that involves no clicking?

Hope this helps,

I am not sure if this will work for a Continuous Form, but it does work for a list box. I have found using a list box over a sub form can improve performance of the form.
heck out:
API and Form based ToolTip solutions
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