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Been trying to auto fill my OrderDetails Forms' UnitPrice by just entering data ini ChemicalID field, pls anybody help me.
Here is a simpler way.
hange the row source for the ChemicalID from
"SELECT tblChemID.ChemicalID FROM tblChemID;"
"SELECT tblChemID.ChemicalID, tblChemID.UnitPrice FROM tblChemID;"
This will make the Unit Price available in the combo box for each Chemical.
Then change the column count for ChemicalID to 2.
Make the column widths for ChemicalID "1;0" to hide the UnitPrice column, but leave it available to your VBA.
Change the AfterUpdate event to:
Private Sub ChemicalID_AfterUpdate()
    Me!UnitPrice = Me.ChemicalID.Column(1)
    Exit Sub
End Sub

Columns in a combo or list box are numbered left to right, with 0 being the first column, 1 the second and so on.
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