Full Version: Entering data at the top of a Datasheet form. Possible?
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Good morning people, I'm hoping I'm not chasing rainbows here!
I have a Comments Log sub-form (datasheet view) on a Project details form... basically, a journal of events, so to speak, for the project.
At present, when creating a new comment in the subform, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the list of comments and populate the new record accordingly.
What I'd like, is to be able to enter a new comment at the top.
Is there any way of reversing the order of comments?
Odon't simply mean sorting them in reverse, for the purpose of viewing, but for actually keying new data too.
Am I being clear in my request, and if so, is this possible?
Many thanks!
On the subform you could set the Navigation Buttons property to Yes.
This way the user just has one click to enter a new record.
Thanks for this, however I would really like new entries to be keyed at the top of the form, and have the rest of the comments descending into time.
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I guess the only way you could do that is to create a copy of the same subform, set the Data Entry property to Yes, and insert directly above your original subform.

You will probably have to requery the original subform after each new entry or the recordset will not be up-to-date.

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