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I am creating a database which contains a several hundred project details, including Project Budget in £ Sterling. However this needs to be shown as a € Euro value also.
How do I prevent historical records changing the Euro amount every time the exchange rate is amended?
Any help, sample database would be very much appreicated
Hello and Welcome to UA!!!
You should be storing the Budget in Sterling and also the exchange rate at the time of the record.
Thanks for the welcome.
I have created a table containing the differing euro rates, the date they were set and a tag to mark the current one.
In my project table I enter the Sterling amount and want the Euro control to lookup the Euro Table, find the current rate and store the calculation. Key however is ensuring that all historical records remain unchanged.
Would it be possible for you to mock together a sample database which I could reference?
Are your records enter always going to be using the current Euro exchange rate or will you also be entering records from when the rate was different? How is the record identified so that the database will know which rate to take?
Each record will apply the Euro rate as at that day. Therefore I have a Euro Rate table which contains all the various rates and the one to be utilised will be the one tagged Current within the database.
That I want is when the user enters in the Project Budget, the database checks the Euro Rate table, stores the current Euro Rate in the appropriate Field within my Projects Table and the Euro Budget is then calculated and stored.
Frustratingly I know what I need to do but lack the technical know-how to do it!
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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