Full Version: Checking whether a subform can be requeried
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Hi all,
I have a form that has two subforms on it. When the first subform's onCurrent event triggers, it requeries the second subform. It works fine except for when the parent form is initially opened, I get error #2455 - "You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property Form/Report."
Oassume this is because the second subform has not been opened/loaded? As far as I can tell, isLoaded will only work for forms that are open independently and not for subforms.
I can use error handling to just skip over the error, but I just wanted to see if there way any way to check for this before it tries to requery the data.
Actually, it looks like the problem was that I was trying to do: "Me.Parent![Subform].form.requery" instead of "Me.Parent![Subform].requery".
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