Full Version: Yes No CheckBox Is Lost In Form
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I've got a table with a Yes / No Field viewed as a Checkbox and prefer it stays that way. When I view the query of the table, I've still got the checkbox in the query view. But when I put the query in a subform (datasheet), the checkbox is gone and records are converted to Yes / No text. How can I get the checkbox back vs. displaying the Yes or No text?
How are you putting the query into the subform? It sounds like the field is being converted to a text box with the format property set to Yes/No. You may just need to go the design view of the subform. Put your own check box in it with the data source set to the proper query field. Delete the Yes/No text box.
The subform is a datasheet view of the query. Without the Yes / No format, the information is 0 / -1. We were hoping to have a one-click checkbox which is seen in the table and query views.
elative to your second point, I don't see why I need to add a form checkbox for each record when the table / query already has a checkbox. The users check is important to have in the table and writing code to move the form checkbox information to the table seems like a lot of work when the table is already in checkbox format.
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