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Hey folks,
I have a dropdown menu of product names I would like to filter.
On the product name table, there are many check boxes for different countries. Where the product is sold, the check box is ticked.
What I would like to do is when a Country name is chosen on the form, the dropdown menu of products will filter to only those products with the checkbox ticked (keeping in mind there will be around 14 countries).
Do you know how I can do this?
Are you able to change the structure of the ProductName table at this point?
That you have is a one to many relationship between Products and the Countries
in which they are sold. You are modeling that by repeating a field in a single table.
It should be modeled by two tables: Products and ProductCountry.
Yeah I can change the structure .. I'm not too far into it yet.
o are you saying I need to create a table that has the Product ID and Country in it?
-ProductID* References Products ProductID
If you track any info about a country besides it's name then
a Country table would be warranted also. Then the Country
field in ProductCountry would be the primary key of the Country
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