Full Version: Error on form when deleting record
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I have a listbox om my main form which shows a list of all the records in the table that makes up the main form.
On the on_click event of the list box I have code which finds the relevant record on my mainform using bookmark (this works fine). My problem is on the double_click event of my list box which runs code to delete the underlying record from the table of the record that is currently showing on my main form ( I hope this is making sense).

THere is my problem , when I double click the listbox , it deletes the record with no problem however when I click onto another record in the listbox I get this error.
"The data has been changed"
"Another user edited this record and saved the changes before you attempted to save your record"
"Re-Edit the record"

Why is this happeing and how can I get rid of it.

Can not answer your specific issue but there may be some conflict if in fact you have both a click Event AND a Double Click Event on the same listbox. In the Double Click Event it tries to fire the click Event first ????
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