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I have a main form with three subforms. The Third subform is merely a query that shows a record history. I have an "Add a new record" button to add employees to the database; however, when I select it the other two subforms disappear. Subform1 hold the Employees job position and title, Subform2 holds the employees test data.
hould I be using an unbound form to collect this data and append it to the different tables instead of using an "Add new record" button? When I currently use the "Add new record" button the employees info is saved in the employee table, but I don't have any way of entering their job data or test data.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Sounds like your subforms that are disappearing may have the property Allow Additions set to NO. If that does not fix your problem, check other property settings on your subforms or possibly code behind the subforms that may set the Visible property to False if no records are present.
opefully that helps!
I had the Allow Additions set to Yes. However, when I selected the Add Record button it would set them to No. I added:
e.frmTB_EmpDescSubform.Form.AllowAddition = True
and now it works. Thanks for helping me search!!
Welcome! Good luck with your Project!
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