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I'm working in a database that has a form for each company with text boxes in each form (eg- there are places for us to enter comments about the companies.) What I want to do is add new text boxes along with new headers. At least superficially, I have been able to do this by going into design mode and making the boxes and headers I want. However, when I go back to form view and enter information into the boxes, the information does not save there. If I open up the database again in the future, the boxes and header is there, but the box is just blank (the information I entered has disappeared). I would really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!
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ithout seeing anything to show what you have in regard to forms and tables, I am making an assumption that you are wanting to store more information for each company. Having said that, you will first need to add fields to the underlying tables, and then add the new Controls to the form with the ControlSource set to the applicable Field in the table.
Are you familiar with adding new fields to tables? And then adding Controls to a form referencing the new fields? If not, the FunctionX link in my signature below is a GREAT site with many tutorials including what you want to accomplish. Check out the site and have a go at it. After you have tried and still have issues, please do post here again.
It sounds like your database may not be of an optimal design. You shouldn't need a separate form for each Company. The FunctionX site also has tutorials on forms design. In short, you would have a Parent Form with a Combo Box where you select the Company, then a Sub Form to display the data for the selected Company.
If you have additional question, feel free to post here! sad.gif
I appreciate your response. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my question.
He have a set form that all the companies fall under. Thus, at the top of the form, we enter the name of the company we want to view...and then the rest of the form's data changes accordingly. But the actual form and layout itself is the same for every company. What I want to do is add some information boxes (Eg- text boxes and titles to these boxes) to this template form that all the companies use. In essence, I want to alter the database's template form.
Otook a look at the FunctionX link but couldn't seem to find out how to do it. I'm pretty new to this Access stuff.
I would really appreciate your further help in this. If you think it might be easier, I'd be willing to get in contact with you (maybe on AIM or MSN) and we can do it simultaneously. This way I won't have to keep asking you further clarification questions and waste your time.
Again, I really appreciate your help. I look forward to hearing back from you.
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