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I have a very long Access 2003 form with several Checkboxes near the bottom. After scrolling to the bottom of the form, if a user employs the spacebar to check or uncheck a Checkbox, Access automatically repositions the form back to the top. Users then have to scroll back to the bottom of the form again.
Is there a way to prevent Access from repositioning the form?
Have you check the TabOrder of the Controls on your Form?
If the next Control after the CheckBox is up the top, Access will scroll the Form up.
I checked the TabOrder. The next control in the TabOrder is in same the location as the checkboxes.
Try in the Immediate window
to find out the active Control after using the spacebar on the CheckBox. You may have some code that send the focus to another Control different from the Control next in the TabOrder.
Instead of a loooong form, how about grouping its content into a tab control and placing each group in tabs? Then your checkboxes will all be contained in one tab. By doing this, you may be able to reduce your form length to one screen long.
I checked the Immediate Window. The focus stays on the checkbox after updating with the spacebar.
Is for converting this long form to tabs, its an excellent idea but we are only maintaining this database and the only work permitted is to correct errros.
Please post a copy of your database (compact & zip to less than 500 KB)...
agree with Greg, though. I never use a Form where the user has to scroll up and down to see all the Controls on the Form.
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