Full Version: referencing a subform (a query with subdatasheet)
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I have developed a query which will work very well for my user interface. The query has a subdatasheet which is another query.
Example query output (qryGrpMem)
GroupName GroupID Count
+ Num1 1 3
+ Num2 2 2
- Num3 3 2
Memebers MemberID
Dan 1
Sally 5
+ Num4 4 6
I have placed the query on a form as a subform control. Control name is child0
I need to write some code to take insert a record into a table.
My subform Property (source object) = qryGrpMem - the above query with a subdatasheet
If I want to retrieve the selected row value of the top level of the query I will use
child0 was the name of the subformControl
I can not figure out how to reference the memberID.
I have read many post on referencing a subform that has a subform, but those methods do not work.
Any Suggestion?
Quick clarification on something I missed:
My subform Property (source object) = Query.qryGrpMem Not just the query name
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