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I have a form and on the form I have WMP inserted.
I have records and one of the fields in the record is a hyperlink field pointing to a video clip.
I can click on the hyperlink and it will open a new window and load my video clip and play it. That all works just fine.
I am now trying to get the WMP in my form to load the current 'HYPERLINK' based on the record that is open when I click the 'play' button.
I have the following code.
Private Sub play_Click()
End Sub
I receive a pop up box that says "the file you are trying to play has an extension (.avi#) that does not match the file format. Do you want the player to try and play this format? I click yes and nothing works.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
I have the same issue, different method:
ound and edited from this link :
UA thread
Private Sub Command10_Click()
Set Player = Me.WindowsMediaPlayer5.Object
Player.settings.autoStart = True
Player.URL = Me.Video 'field which holds the path to your file e.g. c:\test\test.wma
End Sub
any help would be great
Just figured it out. The underlying table record type was a hyperlink, this must pass something to media player that is does not like.
Try changing the table field type to text. It worked for me.
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