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I am new to Access VBA and all this stuff....
That I am trying to accomplish is to make a form that will enable me to mark people from a table for archiving. There is a separate archive table, so in actuality I am marking it to be cut and pasted to the other table.
This question is going to seem broad and kind of general because I am seeking what essentialy amounts to design advice. I am not sure the best A-Z method in which to attack this.
Owork for an educational institution where students come and go and always maintain a unique ID - so therefore it behooves me to keep them in a separate table in case they return.
I was thinking I would do this in a form... but maybe just a simple checkbox in datasheet view would suffice.
This data is already in the database, and the tables are already functioning, so completely redoing them would not be fun.
IF I could code something cool using modules and just add it... well that would be sweet.
some simple suggestions would be fine
detailed ones are cool too.
Actually, the standard approach is not to remove records from a table at all. Rather, you add a flag field to the record for "ActiveStatus". This flag has two options "Yes" or "No".
When a students becomes "Inactive", you flip the flag to "No".
Then, in all of the queries where you want to display only Active students you add a filter for that field "ActiveStatus" and filter in only those with "Yes" for Active. Access will filter in only students who meet that criteria, leaving your inactive student records intact.
In some form in the database, you can add a toggle (probably an option group on the main student roster form), which allows you to select "All Students", "Active Students" and "InActive Students". This allows you to easily reactivate someone simply by flipping the flag on their record back to "Yes".
I would use a checkbox and mark them as Active/Inactive then if need be filter the Active from the Inactive by means of a Query or Filter.
oes that help ?
I honestly think the easiest way to do what you want is to just add a Yes/No field to the table you have for Archived. Set it to true when they are archived and false if they come back.
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