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I was doing some research on a project and I think that designing a data grid is what i need to do. does anyone have a good example or any good links on how to set one up?thanks all
What do you mean when you say Datagrid?
atagrid is a control that is already designed and used within the designer to add to a form.
Can you give a bit more information on what you are referring to and what you are trying to accomplish.
I am trying to set up my own datasheet form if you will. To make a long story short.. I have a program in access that takes orders, and a spreadsheet in excel that the information from the order has to be reentered because i need the layout of a spreadsheet but i would like to create the same effect in access so the order will populate the cells.almost like a pivot chart. im not sure i am going in the right direction or not. can you help?
Just curious, why the duplication, can you not design your table structure(s) and Form(s) to mimic your Excel Spreadsheet and do away with the Excel side of it ?
I have tried to do some design work to mimic the spreadsheet but i have been unsuccessful. i know its possible i just don't know how. do you have any suggestions or tips to get me going?
sad.gif Well having no idea with the limited information you have given. A start may be to do a print screen of your Excel Sheet to Word then Zip it and attach. We have no idea what your business model is, what table structures you may need etc.
hey john hope you had a good weekend. I zipped the excel spreadsheet that we use for dispatching. As I mentioned before I looking to duplicate the excel spreadsheet into a functional form in access. thanks for your help.
Hello Bo,
eekend was OK other than my home teams losing in Football but tey will recover sad.gif It appears that waht you need is very doable and from looking at your spreadsheet it looks like some type of appointment schedule for dispatching vehicles ???
That is exactly what it is. I was thiking it would be nice to have the form in access, I just dont know how to set it up?
Well as a minimum you will need
pkVehicleID (Primary Key AutoNumber)
pkDriverID (Primary Key AutoNumber)
pkDetailID (Primary Key AutoNumber)
fkVehicleID (Foreign Key to tblVehicle)
fkDriverID (Foreign Key to tblDriver)
fkDisTypeID (Foreign Key to tblDispatchType
lookup table for pickup types Cancelled,Will Call, Family Member Picked Up etc.
All of your calculated values can be handled in a query using the Datediff function and should not be stored at the table level.
What is this ?
A 1545 D1608 A1620 C1639
This is also VERY GOOD reading and reference material that will come in handy.
those are times a-arrival d-departure a-arrival c- clear. I have all the tables set up already.
OK then I guess I have to ask if you have the tables what else do you need sad.gif
i want to replicate the schedule spreedsheet in to an access form.so that when an order is taken and assigned a t time and van # the cell will be populated with the order information. possible?
Well you can replicate as far as dispatching a Vehicle however I do not know of a method whereas you can have the Vehicles ALL listed at the top of the form and then mimic the Vertical Columns. For Example we will say that your spreadsheet represents one day of activity. Column A, Van 70 and rows 19-53 would represent 1 Record for the activity day. Column B etc. would be another record. Your tblVehicle would be used as the Main Form, tblDetail would be used as the Subform as a new days activitys are entered accordingly.
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