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I have a form that's based on an several queries connecting via ODBC to DB2 tables. In the OnLoad event I also set default values of several text boxes based on the return from ODBC and the current date. So a lot is going on when the form loads and it takes a few minutes which is expected, but almost every time it loads with the footer in the middle of the screen directly after the formatted portion of the detail, rather than extending the detail downward and placing the footer at the bottom. Everything below the footer is whatever is displayed on my computer "underneath" Access. Once in a while the footer is in the right place, but the buttons contained on the footer are actually to be found in the middle of the screen (though they are displayed at the bottom). Some of the time the form loads correctly, but it's rare. I've tried playing with re-painting or refreshing the form or using DoEvents thinking it was busy or something but no matter what I do I get the same result. Does anyone know what may cause this?
Is there any way you could possibly post what your design view of your report looks like? (Removing all Info Revealing Logo's/Pictures and such).
Please leave most of what you have on there... Just remove personally identifiable information. [InvoiceID] is an example of a Non Personal Identifiable piece of information.
If you have Vista, in your run box, type in snippingtool and do a screen capture that way.
Otherwise, FastStone Screen Capture will work just fine.
See attached for an example...
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