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Hi, I was wondering how to make a selection based on a line item?
I have to begin a Job Table, Then a Bill of materials associated to that job, we then go out in the field to do a service call, looking back to the origional job number in the database now highlights the BOM, I'd like to add a tick box selection to any line item and save the results back to a new job number?
Eg; Job No 26000 Had 3 Items in the BOM
Result would show
Column1 Column 2 = StockcodeNo Column 3 = Select
26000 1 [Tick Box]
26000 2
26000 3
We then go out on service call Job No "7169"
I would like to tick my tick box column which in turn would create a new BOM item to Job No 7169
o result;
Column1 Column 2 = StockcodeNo Column 3 = Qty Used
7169 2
Is this even achievable or my mind run rampent!
FOr is there another suggestion to my requirement?
I'm not sure I completely follow what you are asking. Are jobs 26000 and 7169 somehow related such that they would have similar BOM's? What does your table structure look like?
Holy crap. You are trying to attempt one of THE most COMPLEX tasks.
nce you talk of Bill of materials, and quantities, we are then talking some form of stock control.
Then you have to start talking about movement types to decrement and increment stock.
I think you have to explain what you really want to achieve with this, as I and others are not too sure what you want.
I also am a bit confused by the title, A shopping trolley is a normally something we think of in procurement.
I think your opening line does sum it up!
You are right in that this is a procurement process for our service department.
What we are doing is revisting the origional job (26000) and its BOM,
then wanting to procur from our internal store the parts required to service the job (job 7169, which may be down the track some number of years)
This needs to be the most streamlined process of data entry as this is all happening through phone communication and the technician requesting his parts from the field.
It does have stock control implications for which is covered.
Maybe my definition of shopping trolley is wrong, but it has got the question ignited.
I have also been searching the net for something to satisfy my wish and came across "Drag & Drop" a AUS $45 expense which i am currently working on now, with the thought that this is going to get me over the line.
The code behind it is probably quite simple if you where strong on Visual Basic. Which I'm not!!
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