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I need to set up a subform that the second combo box pulls up a list of selections from a specific table based on the field in the first combo box. I created a case statement to access the tables and respective table fields. When I run the main form, and tab through the subform line by line for the first line, I can see the selection in the first combo box, but the second combo box is blank. When I tab through the second line, I get a incorrect Syntax error on the second combobox and when I get to a "new" line, I get a debug error.
lso, is it possible to set this code up as a module? I'll need these same selections for a "disbursements" form. I can just copy the code, but wouldn't that make my db larger and slower than need be?
Thanks for the help.
A couple of questions
. What is the description supposed to be of? If it is donation description, why are you trying to store it as well as the donation ID? And why is it a numeric field?
2. Your current Rowsource for the description combo is a query that is made up of non-existing tables. What is up with that?
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