Full Version: Sum in query is so slow , why?
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On my main form I have a continous subform form with an [Amount] field in the details section.
The subform is based on a record in my main form.In the subforms form footer section I have a text box with the following control source , =sum([amount])
THere is my problem , when I change the record on my main form the the amount field loads and is populated almost instantaneously however my sum text box in the form footer takes about 5 - 10 secods to show the figure.....can anyone suggest why this might be the case as I though most of the processing would've been to populate the [amount] field in the details section.....and since all the figures are there instantly i don't know why this sum box is taking so long....is it in the wrong section of the subform or something , should i be putting it in the detail section too?
Please advise.
Try to do CMPACTING and REPAIRING database.
I've already tried that unfortunately ? I was thinking about doing a DSum instead but i was n't sure if that was the way to go , i thought the forum might have something I'm missing originally
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